How to LIVE a healthy life!

So, really. How do we live a healthy life? We have all been taught that we need to exercise, eat right, and drink plenty of water to be healthy. That is absolutely right! Our body is our temple and we need to take care of it.

Imagine what it takes for a plant to grow big and strong. What goes in in producing delicious fruit or beautiful blooming flowers. It needs water for hydration and healthy soil for food/nourishment. Plants need sunlight for energy and fresh clean air. Don’t forget space for the roots and foliage to have room to grow and time because it takes patience. Plants do not grow overnight. So much goes into producing this healthy living organism. Granted, we are human but we are alive and why should it take anything less to nourish and allow us to thrive. If anything it takes more. So don’t take your health for granted.

Good health isn’t just about healthy eating and exercise but it’s also about having a positive attitude, a positive self-image, and a healthy lifestyle. Self-love is a crucial part of living a healthy life. When you have a negative self-image, it naturally weighs down on your mental outlook and health. Sometimes it just takes you taking care of your hair like a nice haircut, or clean cut shave, or putting the time and effort concerning your hair health or growth. Even taking care of your skin, teeth, make-up, or weight can be a positivity in your life. Why shouldn’t you feel good about yourself. Find something about yourself that you love and amplify your love for yourself.

Positive mental health is part of a healthy life. Listen to the thoughts that come up and get rid of your negative thoughts. One way to remove negativity is deep breathing or meditating. Replace those negative thoughts with fresh thinking when you inhale and exhale all the negative thoughts. This might seem easier said than done but the more you make it a habit the easier it becomes that you are actually able to feel and see the difference in your everyday life. From making a big career decision or dealing with your family or job. Yes, the stress of life but it is only stressful if we allow it to be. We control how we handle our ups and downs. That is your power and I suggest not to give it away.

So what should be the behaviors of a healthy person? A healthy person makes sure they manage what is placed within and outside their body. Try to maintain a healthy weight, eat healthy foods, stay hydrated, and of course, exercise. A healthy person also knows how to manage stress, and get quality sleep. I mean yes, a tired body is a mind and body that is not fully alert to handle the stresses of everyday life. Let us try to stop the repeatedly physical and mental abuse that we have attacking us, because if we don’t we are just going to wear out quickly. Take care of your mind and body and LIVE a healthy life.


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